90 days

Is entrepreneurship your game?

Convince yourself

The 90 days program was developed for entrepreneurial students just like you, who aren’t sure if they are ready to commit to a four-year full-time program.

During this 90 days program, you will find out if entrepreneurship is meant for you and if you are cut out for unconventional education. 

We see quite a few transfer students and GAP-Year students use this program for a smooth transition from generic mass education to high-end personal education. And, in our experience, 87% of students entering this program stay at Global School and continue with our bachelor program as it turned out Entrepreneurship was indeed their game.

If you are over 21 years of age we have good news for you too, especially if you didn’t meet the entry requirements before. In The Netherlands, entrepreneurial students who didn’t pass their secondary school exams but are bright enough are able to try to pass the 21+ test. It’s a test to see if you have what it takes to apply for a second chance.

So, are you ready to find out if entrepreneurship is the best choice for you too? Are you ready to convince yourself by experiencing unconventional education?

The UN-IVERSITY’s UNconventional program

Work on your startup from day 1 in the incubator.

Earn exemption credits for our Bachelor’s degree
when you decide to enroll.

Get challenged and coached during classes and the
incubator time.

Connect in our community and accelerate your launch. 

Follow the accredited modules and experience what unconventional education can mean to you.

Live and work in some of the biggest startup scenes in the world

want to know what
 unconventional education

The 90-days

tailored Themes

The 90-days themes are tailored to the stage you are in as an entrepreneur. Some participants are starting from scratch where others already operate a startup. We tailor to your needs. So connect with us and find out what we can offer you. The following modules have been specifically chosen in order to give entrepreneurs a taste of what’s to come:

1. Agile working
Learn how to create a business with others in the most effective and efficient way possible. Apply the learnings to your own startup. Develop your idea into a real business and find out if the market agrees that it’s actually a good idea.

2. Entrepreneurial Mindset
Understand how successful entrepreneurs think, decide, and act. Applying our five principles will help you create your startup in a faster and smarter way. 

3. Growth Hacking
The difference between a hobby and a business is sales. In this module, we will help you help you grow your revenue. You will learn how to create a solid customer following and sell via social media, along with other online channels.

EXPERIENCE THE 90-day program

amazing module credits
Follow three of our cutting edge Bachelor modules successfully and earn the 21 European credits.
desk in the incubator
If you don’t have a business idea yet, we will help you develop, validate it and bring it to the next level.
BE among entrepreneurs
Be among people who want to become entrepreneurs just like you. They will challenge and help you during and after your time at Global School.
Kickstart YOUR feedback

We will coach and mentor you, and connect you to relevant people who will help you accelerate your business idea.

Are you older than 21?
Then you will love this
find out more: 21+ test


To make an application, simply click ‘apply now’, fill in the form, upload the documents and book the admissions interview.

To support our students in their transition to a new country, Global School for Entrepreneurship arranges the visa for students who need one.


EU and Non-EU € 5.300 (single payment fee). Student VISA is not required due to the length of the program. If applicable, students need to apply for a tourist visa; check out this website for more information.

1st of September for a September 2022 start 
1st of February for a February 2023 start


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