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September 2020




Emre Kulekci and Santi Hamlin

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spending time with the global school community is always valuable.”

Global School student-entrepreneurs Emre Kulekci and Santi Hamlin are the founders of CHECKLIJN! The company ensures that seniors living alone are not lost out of sight. With an automated daily call, the system checks if everything is okay and they offer reassurance & safety to people living alone and their loved ones. 

”learn from the experience of field experts and entrepreneurs” 

– santi

”Global School has given me everything I needed to develop my entrepreneurial vision into an actionable plan. Thanks to the Global School network I’ve been able to learn from the experiences of multiple field experts and entrepreneurs, which not only helped me avoid making mistakes, but has also given me expert knowledge that I have used to start Checklijn. I really can’t measure how much I have learned over the past year, but what I do know is that I will use the knowledge and skills in all my future projects, and for the rest of my life.” – Santi


”Global School understands that entrepreneurship is time consuming and therefore offers plenty of “free” time to work on your venture. It is very noteworthy for me that you are facilitated with an office, business address, meeting rooms, studio, gym and this together with about a hundred (inter)national co-entrepreneurs in the center of Amsterdam. You can imagine that it is difficult to leave the campus with these facilities. For me, this results in more working hours which allowed me to double the turnover of my other company in 1 year. As well as being able to set up multiple businesses of which Checklijn is a part. Unfortunately (but to be expected) entrepreneurship is not always easy. Global School has always been able to advise and guide me to a positive outcome!” – Emre

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