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Co-founder of COLISANT

Global School student-entrepreneur Morris is the founder of COLISANT! The vision of Colisant is to create a world without limiting stigmas around suits. Together with his business partner, they feel people should be able to feel confident wearing a suit how and whenever they want, without feeling limitations imposed on today’s society. Therefore, they like to show different ways to wear a suit but also want to learn from your unique style to come up with a perfectly fitting suit style in a way that matches your personal taste.




September 2019




Morris Santegoets &
Leno Colijn

Who are your role models?

I would definitely say my mom; she’s what I (and I’m sure most people) would say to be a powerful woman. She’s an entrepreneur; she came from nothing and she’s built everything up herself. Life wasn’t always easy for her but still, she managed to give me, my brother, and the rest of my family the best life she could give us. She’s always present, she has great people skills, she’s very dedicated and knows what working hard is. She’s both my personal and professional role model. 

What is your business/project?

We at Colisant make tailor-made suits. We started off with just men’s suits, but we’ve expanded to women’s; and everything between and outside. We focus really on luxury and tailor-made is central to our business. Not only do we have a tailor-made product, but also tailor-made service and a tailor-made price as well. It’s so fun because you have the craziest, the weirdest, but also the coolest jobs to make the most brilliant suits. You really become friends with the clients, I know them all by name, I know their families, I know their dog’s name. We WhatsApp on a regular basis. We always say a man’s best friend is his tailor, and we want to be that. We want to make suits with our clients, not just for them. I feel like it’s also sort of an anti-movement against all the fast fashion, all the oversized wear. I like being able to work with clients to create items that are personal to them. 



Would you say your personal style aligns with your love for suits and formal wear?

When I was younger I would always love to wear more professional clothes, like button-ups, jackets. I did have my more comfortable, casual phase, but I would always sculpt it up into my own style. Even now I love wearing hoodies under my suit and sneakers, I like to change it up a bit. But ultimately now I like to dress it up, as people have gone more to the way of more comfortable forms of wear I prefer to do the opposite. It truly feels like a suit of armour, I walk up more straight and people treat me differently. It gives you such a confidence boost, and I feel that’s how Colisant is contributing to society in an indirect way. We’ll have clients walk in the door not knowing what they want, not feeling right, but the moment that they come and try on the completed suit they don’t want to take it off.

How has global school helped you along the way?

When I came to Global School I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I’ve had a few attempts in the past with some businesses but they didn’t quite work out. So I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, I just didn’t know the exact direction. The first half-year/year was a bit of a struggle. I really struggle with all this information that you get and all the cool canvas’ and models and frameworks you can use but I didn’t know what to use them for. That was hard until I met my current business partner and we found our shared passion for suits. We decided to just go for it and I was finally able to make all of that information applicable which really gave our company a boost. At Global School, you get help with networks which is most valuable to me, but you also get the comfort of having people with actual knowledge around you. You can just have little sparring moments, and peer sessions with other students where you can get the wildest ideas. I love partnering up with students at Global School; you really have a little community of people that if you make use of their support you can really accelerate your business.

What is your advice for others?

Do the work. Do the work, trust the process. Be here every day, even if you feel like you don’t have anything to do. Have a brainstorming session, put a list of things on the board and start working on them. If you want to be an entrepreneur it also means sacrifice, you have to say no to your friends every once in a while. It means you can’t always go out drinking, go out partying; you have a business and take it seriously from moment one. Not when you start making money, or see that there’s a bit of traction, but actually take it seriously on day one. That will accelerate your business so much quicker, and you’ll be so much more prepared for when the sales come in and there’s actual traction. Let’s be honest, being an entrepreneur is working a lot of hours, it’s hard work, but it’s so much fun.   

What’s next?

We just moved so we now have a steady home base. I have certain financial goals I’d like to reach within the upcoming two or three years, and I want to prepare my business so it’s ready for the next step. I might not always be in the Netherlands, so building the business solely on this market is a bit inconvenient for me. So for me personally and business-wise, I’m in this transition period of taking my product/service to the next level. So maybe I won’t have as many clients, but I can serve those few from all around the world. Of course, we are also working on expanding into the market of women’s suits. But I am also aware of the fact that the men’s suit market is way different from womens, and I don’t always have that knowledge. So a project I want to invest some time into is setting up a new label; using my network and my connections to find a third cofounder to set up this new brand for women’s suits. It’s still very young and I’m dipping my toes into the water, but it’s something I’d like to do over the next few years. 


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