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September 2019




Lieke Hoekstra

meet business successor lieke 

Global School student-entrepreneur Lieke is the Business Successor of her family business EUROSTERIEL MEDICAL! They buy (new) products from innovative companies around the world to sell in the Benelux.⁠ Her grandpa started the business in 1999 and ever since they continue to strive for innovative quality products, as the quality is more important than the price.⁠

Do you aspire to take on the leadership role and grow new opportunities for the family business in the near future?

eurosteriel medical

Who are your role models?

I think my role model is my mom. I’m really inspired by her drive and ambitions. I like how she handles things, and she’s really a workaholic. And while I admire this I definitely want to have some time for myself. Being an entrepreneur is about a lifestyle, so I have to learn more about that part. 

What is your business/project?

I work with my grandfather’s company, we have a medical company that supplies equipment in the Benelux to hospitals pharmacies and medical institutions., 95 of the products are disposable, and also exclusive which means we’re the only ones to sell them in the Benelux. 

How did you decide on that?

I studied a year of psychology but then I decided to do something else. In the same year, I started with that study I started working in my grandfather’s company, and I really enjoyed it so I decided to go to Global school and try to combine it with the company. It works pretty well as there are a lot of modules I can implement into the company, for example with the financial module and the branding. My grandpa is 76, and if you look at the website you can see that it’s a bit dated. There’s still work to be done but you can tell there’s been quite a bit of improvement. 

Is there a greater pressure on you as you’re trying to continue on a legacy?

I think for my grandpa I don’t feel a lot of pressure, I didn’t immediately work under him. I decided to have the sales manager as my mentor because I thought I could learn more from him so I did that for three-four years. This past year however I’ve been working more so with him as I would like to take over as director, so it makes sense to learn from the director himself. I don’t feel a lot of pressure from my grandpa, or from my family as a whole, but I feel like I mostly put pressure on myself. I would love to make our company continued success, and take it even further than we have before. 

Is it hard to keep work and family time separate? 

We can separate it pretty easily. Our company has a pretty informal atmosphere, so that’s also outside of the company. It makes it really easy to work with him. When we go out to lunch we can talk about whatever, but of course, a sentence or two about the company slips in but that’s okay. 

How has Global School helped you along the way?

At the beginning of the covid, I had some troubles with keeping the structure. There was such a huge increase in demand at the start of the pandemic so there was difficulty keeping up with that. But after some conversations with my business coach, he helped me through it.  

Do you have any advice for others?

Definitely take advantage of the business coaches. I didn’t in the beginning, and I still sometimes forget, but they really help you keep focused and prevent you from losing sight of your goals. Having someone check up with you constantly to see how things are going with you keeps you responsible, so my biggest piece of advice is to make use of that. 

What’s next?

We currently have two new products going to the market soon, because of covid there was a little bit of delay. So I hope to launch them soon. We are also trying to maybe do things online, try to modernize the company as a whole. New website and new products. I hope I can be the expert on it. I went from the back office to account manager to a product specialist. And I’m hoping in a few years I can take over as director and my grandpa can have some well deserved free time and relaxation. 

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