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My recipe for success:


Global School student-entrepreneur Alessandro is the founder of SoleShape! A website for sneakerheads where you can safely purchase authentic exclusive sneakers, and soon other fashion items and accessories.

During the interview Alessandro talks about his experience of transferring from a generic university and how Global School has guided him to become an entrepreneur.

“Being able to set up multiple businesses” – Emre

”Global School understands that entrepreneurship is time consuming and therefore offers plenty of “free” time to work on your venture and develop as an entrepreneur. It is very noteworthy for me that you are facilitated with an office, business address, meeting rooms, studio, gym and this together with about a hundred (inter)national co-entrepreneurs in the center of Amsterdam. You can imagine that it is difficult to leave the campus with these facilities. For me, this results in more working hours which allowed me to double the turnover of my other company within 1 year. As well as being able to set up multiple businesses with fellow students, Checklijn with Santi being one of them. Unfortunately (but to be expected) entrepreneurship is not always easy. Global School has always been able to advise and guide me to a positive outcome!” – Emre

my recipe for success:

incremental growth

Meet Griffin Dettmer, one of the first students to join Global School for Entrepreneurship. During his stay he has developed multiple businesses. With the revenue made with one business, Griffin was able to kickstart a new idea; every time creating something even more astonishing. He even orchestrated a short motion picture as a crowdfunding project on the side, which was presented during the renowned “Leidse filmfestival” in The Netherlands, all while getting his Bachelor of Science degree.

My recipe for success:

Make sure that what you do matters

Meet Nina Euler Vestey, a starting student at Global School for Entrepreneurship where she develops an impact business while getting her Bachelor of Science degree. In this interview Nina shares how her entire view on Entrepreneurship has changed during the first two months at Global school, and how the increase in pollution of her island home drove her to develop a full cradle to cradle beachwear brand and more.

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