Master of Science
in Scaling up

Learn to Scale by growing your business

Slingshot your business GROWTH

Do you want to grow your startup and get an MSc degree at the same time?
Our Master of Science program in Scaling Up is developed for founders of new ventures that are ready to start growing an establish startup or business proposition.

Similar to our unconventional Bachelor of Science, this master program is also hands on; learning by doing.

With the startup phase typically being the sole focus of entrepreneurial education, scaling is often a step left for students/entrepreneurs to figure out on their own. This step is vital to the creation of real long term value. Learning how to scale from theory is not sufficient enough to prepare you for what’s to come. You will need competencies, scaling skills and a persevering mindset as you face new challenges that require different skills. This is why we created this master. The accreditation put it well when they acknowledged that there was need for this program, as it fills a niche not previously addressed by existing master’s programs. It is designed to help entrepreneurs grow their team and culture, interact with investors, enter new markets and introduce new products or services in a sustainable way. Also, our program is offered as a hybrid classroom, meaning you can choose to join class either physically or online. So, while you are in the program you can study and work in some of the most dynamic cities around the world and build your business, execute your research locally and still earn your MSc degree.

are you an entrepreneur,
looking to further grow your business
and get an MSc degree?



What program matches your entrepreneurial stage?

1. Pre-master program

Don’t have a startup or meet the criteria to join the master yet? Our pre-master program is designed to help you develop a startup and lay the foundation for our Master of Science program.

2. Full-time Master Program

We offer the Master of Science program in two versions: full time or part time. The full-time master is a one year program designed to function as an incubator, primarily there to help you scale your business. We do this through mentoring, guided mastery and by surveying your steps through assignments and practical 21st century assessment methods. Our program enables you to apply the tailored scaling content to your own venture whilst also obtaining your MSc degree!

3. Part-time Master Program

The part-time master is designed to serve international professionals wanting to live and study abroad before becoming a successor in a family business, or for those who have co-founders that enable them to combine scaling and running a business with obtaining a master degree
. It is also an ideal part time program for you if you are a freelancer with client obligations, or if you have the desire to turn your freelance business into a real company. It is also perfect for those wishing to balance business development with a family life.

Are you daring enough
to take a leap of faith ?


OUR Master

  • You start working on scaling your business from day 1, through classes and personal guidance via incubator time with business coaches.
  • We cover one topic per module and that’s all you have to focus on during those 5 weeks.
  • We have worked with over 25,000 startups and our master curriculum contemplates what experienced founders said they most missed during their first years in business.
  • We are in the heart of one of the biggest startup scenes and give our students access to leading corporates across our network.
  • Thanks to our partnership with the student hotel we can offer a tailored distance learning approach, enabling you to travel and learn across Europe.

Startup Visa

Part time Masters are normally not possible for international student entrepreneurs. However, in combination with our startup visa program, it now is. The Netherlands have a special “Startup Visa” that offers international students the opportunity to scale their own business in the Netherlands while they get their master’s degree. We can assist you as you apply for this visa, so that you are able to stay in the country for the duration of the course, use this time to run your business and build the network you’ll need to establish your company in the local market. We can also help you stay in the Netherlands after the program while you remain in our incubator, until you can apply for permanent residency if desired.


To make an application, simply click ‘apply now’, fill in the form, upload the documents and book the admissions interview. To support our students in their transition to a new country, Global School for Entrepreneurship arranges the visa for students who need one. The program has two entry moments each year: February and September. Wil you slingshot your startup into growth?


Full-time master € 22.500
Part-time master € 14.500 (per year)

1st of February for a February 2022 start
1st of September for a September 2022 start


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