unleash your entrepreneurial dream

become an entrepreneur
by being one.

Are you looking for an education program that doesn’t feel like an education program? Not memory testing, but real learning for the ambitious who want to create meaningful profit businesses? Welcome to Global School for Entrepreneurship. We stimulate ambitious students to think, decide and act as entrepreneurs from the moment they enter our program.

The only way to learn how to become an entrepreneur is by being one. So we created an unconventional, specially tailored education for Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs.

Curious to find out if we’re the right next step for you? Select the date that best matches your schedule and join the online open day from home.

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What to expect during this open day

Experience what it’s like to study at Global School for Entrepreneurship

Learn what sets our fully accredited Bachelor of Science and Master of Science programs apart from the generic alternatives.

Seize the opportunity to ask any question to convince yourself and answer the question:
“Do I have what it takes?”

What our students


“Thanks to the business coaching and the opportunity to work on my startup while studying, I changed (and improved) my entire business idea within the first half year. At any other school this would have taken me much longer. This is what I appreciate about Global School the most: learning to become an entrepreneur by being one, and the willingness to connect me to businesses.”

“Marco, learning coach at Global School, helped me connect to my inner self and get through some tough times. It’s my dream to help those who find it difficult to recognize and appreciate the opportunities that are in our society.”

Entrepreneurs are dreamers who do.

Will you start your journey Today?


The online open day session takes place entirely online. This means you can take part from wherever you are in the world. As soon as you reserve a place, you will be provided with further information. 

The online open day session is about 90 minutes. After that you can schedule an additional call if necessary. Don’t be humble, it’s an important step in your entrepreneurial journey so expect to get the answers you need.

All you need is a place where you will have some privacy and a solid internet connection. It is also very helpful to have a working webcam and to not be on your phone during the call. Be prepared to ask questions, and follow the open day on a laptop or desktop. Ask your parents to join too if they need to be convinced. Let us help you make the unconventional choice and advocate for an entrepreneurial future.

The online open day will be hosted by two of our talents scouts who know what it takes to become an entrepreneur and enjoy unconventional education. This is an important session as they will also determine if you meet the criteria we use to select Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs, as our program is not suitable for everyone.

Yes absolutely! No one is going to create your startup for you. By joining the program you are choosing to invest in your entrepreneurial future, so it’s best to come prepared. The sessions are a good way to experience what our education is like. You will even have the opportunity to ask questions about your own business (idea) and discover what next steps you could take.

Yes! We will organize more info sessions, dates will be published soon.  Do know that seats are limited so make sure you make it to the call. If the dates provided don’t suit your agenda, then schedule a call below and kickstart your journey today.

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To make an application, simply click ‘apply now’, fill in the form, upload the documents and book the admissions interview.

To support our students in their transition to a new country, Global School for Entrepreneurship arranges the visa for students who need one.


Bachelor € 14.200 (per year)

Full-time master € 22.500
Part-time master € 14.500 (per year)

1st of February for a February 2022 start
1st of August for a September 2022 start

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