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At Global School for Entrepreneurship, we stimulate students to think, decide and act as entrepreneurs. We give entrepreneurship the attention it deserves. Many universities offer entrepreneurship as an add-on to their program. Some through hands-on minors, others by touching on popular tools such as the business model canvas. Our program takes a radically different approach. We aim to develop Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs. Professionals with an entrepreneurial mindset, who feel comfortable in unpredictable environments.


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We challenge, inspire and facilitate students to become an entrepreneur by being one. Our five-week modules provide students with practical learning methods and the latest knowledge from the field to develop entrepreneurial competencies. As Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs you have to be effective in dealing with unpredictability and become comfortable with being uncomfortable. Entrepreneurship is not something you learn by reading a book. It demands learning through application; therefore, we are proud to be a fully accredited University of Applied Science with a cutting-edge curriculum not just about entrepreneurs, but by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Our modules are designed to help you build your startup and are therefore timed to meet your development needs, making it helpful to students focused on becoming architects of their own lives.

That is why the fully accredited Global School for Entrepreneurship focuses on applied sciences. We see entrepreneurship as a way to shape your own destiny and make a meaningful contribution to society. The only way to learn how to do this is by doing the work and actually starting your business.

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Our program puts your business development first. You don’t have to wait four years to put your knowledge into practice, in our program you do it from day one. Each block consists of one module, which focuses on a specific topic. The entire curriculum follows this structure and is designed in such a way that all modules follow the process of building your business. From ideation to validation to scaling, the program covers it all. 

Between the modules, we offer incubation time. The incubator is an essential part of our program because in here, you’ll receive personal coaching and mentorship to help you apply the lessons learned during the modules immediately into your own startup.  

And as an added bonus: it fits within the framework of accreditation, which means your degree is fully accredited by the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organisation (NVAO). So even if you want to gain more experience by working at another company, your bachelor is just as competitive with all Business Administration degrees

Entrepreneurial types

Selfmade entrepreneur

Are you aspiring to develop your passion into an actual start-up and even grow it into a scaled business in the future?

Meet Alessandro he is doing just that with his exclusive Sneaker business SoleShape.

social impact entrepreneur

Are you aspiring to develop
a social venture and are you willing to play the long game to achieve massive societal impact in the future?

Meet Sonia. She is building her own travel agency, making the world accessible to everyone.


Do you aspire to take on the leadership role and grow new opportunities for the family business in the near future?

Meet Lieke. She is introducing new healthcare products to the market on behalf her grandfathers’ company, Eurosteriel Medical.

corporate entrepreneur

Do you want to contribute to the impact of organizations and run their inspiring innovation projects?

Meet Jord. He is
working on introducing hydrogen to shipping as a business innovator at FME with Green Shipping Waddenzee.



Each module is created along four learning lines intertwined throughout the four-year program.

1. Personal Development
The first focuses on developing the entrepreneur on a personal level focusing on developing competencies such as assertiveness, creativity, perseverance, persuasiveness, and adaptability.

2. Methodological Learning
The methodological learning line is focused on discovering opportunities for the entrepreneur and the business. The related skills are critical thinking, problem analysis, customer orientation, vision development, and value creation.

3. Interpersonal Learning
The interpersonal learning line aims to develop competencies that help develop relevance in the market and become a good leader. The skills developed throughout are the leadership of groups, social awareness, curiosity, cooperation, and networking.

4. Effectuation
To ensure that the entrepreneur is capable of coming up with concepts and developing them, the final skills concern developing the Effectuation mindset, learning ability, business orientation, and commercial power, as well as verbal expression.

Graduates from our bachelor program are capable of developing a vision, discovering the opportunities by making the offer relevant to the customer, and persevering when it gets difficult in order to achieve success, they get the job done.

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  • Students help each other out because they are all on the same journey of becoming an entrepreneur by being one.
  • Continuous access to a broad variety of experienced entrepreneurs who want to help our Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs succeed too.
  • Each group (of max 23 students) has their own learning coach who challenges them, inspires them, and understands them. They recognize when times are tough and they want to share their success, such as their first signed deal.

  • Access to our incubator workspace which is open 24 hours, 7 days a week, and during the holidays.

  • We are fanatic about being relevant. This means no memory quizzes as assessments and modules timed to the students need while building their business.

  • Entrepreneurship is taught by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs so expect to graduate with an esteemed bachelor’s degree and a running business.



Entrepreneurship offers the opportunity to develop yourself the fastest. We offer you continuous feedback and advice to further develop yourself. This is the core strength of Global School. What connects us as faculty is that everyone here is focused on helping you achieve your dreams, and that’s something you will experience from day one. We strongly believe that together we offer you an unparalleled learning environment that is safe, challenging, caring and also brutally honest.




Tomorrow’s Entrepreneur is culturally savvy and therefore we are proud to share that our students come from a wide variety of cultures; including European and Non-European backgrounds.

To stimulate the development of a global mindset, we facilitate students to travel abroad while they remain in our program through the use of our global network as well as our hybrid classroomsWe started in Amsterdam and, post COVID-19, we’ll be more active in other cities that are on the top of our list such as: Barcelona, Berlin, and Dubai. Where would you like to live, study and build your startup?


To make an application, simply click ‘apply now’, fill in the form, upload the documents and book the admissions interview.

To support our students in their transition to a new country, Global School for Entrepreneurship arranges the visa for students who need one.


EU/NL € 14.200 (€ 13.500 if paid in full directly.)
Other € 14.200 (No rebate due to visa application costs).

NON-EU/EEA: 1st of June for a September 2022 start
EU/EEA: 15th of August for a September 2022 start
NON-EU/EEA: 1st of December for a February 2023 start
EU/EEA: 1st of February for a February 2023 start

As we are a privately held boutique University of Applied Sciences we are free to accept late applications. Please contact us as soon as possible as enrollment after the dates mentioned above might still be possible.