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The Global School for Entrepreneurship is officially recognized by the Dutch Government. The Global School for Entrepreneurship offers an accredited Bachelor of Science degree in Entrepreneurship & Innovation. We have received accreditation from the NVAO (Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organization), this means that we meet the national quality assurances as defined by the Ministry of Education, Culture & Science.


The Global School for Entrepreneurship is proud member of the NRTO (Dutch Organization that recognizes quality institutions); this means the Global School for Entrepreneurship abides by their procedures. For more information, please review the following documents:

1. Code of Conduct
2. General Terms & Conditions

Global School For Entrepreneurship

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Internal compaint procedure

If you wish to file an internal complaint; the Global School for Entrepreneurship will first aim to solve your grievances internally.  You can review the  GSE Internal Complaint Procedurehere. For reference, the Education & Examination Guidlines can be found here.

However, should we not be able to come to a solution that you think is fair, you are free to contact the NRTO (As we are member of the NRTO) or file a complaint to the National Complaint Commission for International Students (as we are signee of the Code of Conduct International Student.)

Code of conduct

The Global School for Entrepreneurship is signee of the Code of Conduct International Student. This means that our internal compliance procedure meets the quality assurance as defined by the Dutch Government. 

For more information on the Code of Conduct International Study, please check out the following video. Also, we advice you to please consult for any remaining questions.


With half a century of experience in higher education, we are able to offer you the best in entrepreneurial teaching and mentoring. We give you access to a global network of startups, businesses, investors and governments who you can learn from and be in business with. Four years to experiment, fail, discover, and develop yourself as well as your business. Everything we do is focused on helping you graduate our program with a running business and a fully accredited degree.

Real learning, real world

The structure of our curriculum is aligned with the startup process as a leading framework therefore the modules follow the stages of starting and growing a business. The aim is to maximize the relevance of the classes by ensuring that the content offered and the timing are aligned with individual growth needs. In addition to the modules, we offer is incubator time from day one where students receive personal coaching to help apply the lessons learned immediately to their own startup.  

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Download our brochure
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