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We’ve got shocking news for you: from the day you kick off here at Global School for Entrepreneurship, you will learn to be an entrepreneur by being one.

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The curriculum of our Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship and Innovation is fully aligned with the start-up process of your business. Through our Master of Science in Scaling Up, you’ll learn to scale your business by growing it. Both programs are taught by entrepreneurs and experts from the field and are focused on developing you as an entrepreneur as you establish and scale your business.

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Earn fully accredited degrees (BSc & MSc) 

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Our Approach means Business

Our program is structured in 5-week modules that follow the stages of starting and growing a business. They are designed to cater to your needs as an entrepreneur while you work on establishing and expanding your business.

Parallel to the modules, we offer incubator time to help develop your competencies; during which you will receive personal coaching and mentoring to help apply the lessons learned during the modules directly to your own start-up. 

Our program is unconventional and offers you the most efficient and effective track to personal growth and business success, all while you earn your degree.

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Start your business from day 1

We stimulate students to think, decide, and act as entrepreneurs from the moment they enter our program by providing cutting-edge, practical information that can be directly applied to their businesses in our in-house incubator. For our bachelor’s, it is not necessary to enter Global School with an existing business or a business idea. 

The only thing you have to bring is the ambition to become an entrepreneur. 

Viviane Alexandre Interview

To embrace change is to ask yourself “what more is out there for me?” Viviane Alexandre embodies this and encourages the students at Global School for Entrepreneurship to do the same as they continue to push themselves to greatness.

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Maren Boon Interview

Maren Boon is giving second-hand and vintage clothing items a new story, as she creates narratives that detail their unique backgrounds with her resale business Dutch Vintage.

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Marco Bout Interview

Human beings are his passion; and it is with this passion that Marco Bout shares his personal, growth-oriented coaching style with the students at Global School for Entrepreneurship.

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